"If you worried about falling off the bike, you�d never get on."

Lance Armstrong

Strategic Partners

SALSC works with a number of key partners to ensure grassroots sport and the issues affecting it are constantly high on the agenda of key national agencies. Below, is a summaried list of the key agencies we work with on a strategic level:


Key National Agencies

As a national agency with a membership stretching across Scotland, SALSC works with national partners to raise awareness and initiate constructive and consistent change across the whole of Scotland. While SALSC interacts with a number of different national bodies to a lesser and greater extent, the three key partnerships SALSC that are fundamental to dirving constructive and sustainable change are:

The Scottish Government is committed to removing all barriers in anyone's path and encouraging people to take part in sporting activities at all levels.*



We are the lead agency for the development of sport in Scotland, investing our expertise, our time and public money in developing a world class sporting system at all levels.*


COSLA, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, is the representative voice of Scottish local government, lobbying on behalf of our members – Scotland's 32 councils.*




Scottish Sports Alliance

The Scottish Sports Alliance is the collective voice of the Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils, Scottish Sports Association and Scottish Student Sport. Collectively the three organisations represent 54 Governing Bodies of Sport; 18 Associate Sporting Organisations; 45 Local Sports Councils; 16 Scottish Universities encompassing 150,000 regular volunteers, 12,000 sports clubs and 900,000 men and women who regularly participate in sport in Scotland.

The Scottish Sports Association brings Scottish sports governing bodies and recreation organisations together in a powerful group which strives to make sure that sports policies work in practice.*


Scottish Student Sport (formerly Scottish University Sport) has the stated aims of ensuring quality and breadth in well-managed sporting programmes, increasing and promoting involvement in Physical Activity and aiding and supporting the development of appropriate professional structures and systems throughout sport in Higher Education in Scotland.*




*Description extracted from website