"It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself."

Muhammad Ali

Member Services

At the core of every organisation is its members and SALSC is no exception.

Over recent years we have focused on putting in place a robust, sustainable and modern management structure to ensure we are better positioned to deliver services to our members and react to their changing needs. This process is near completion and with the introduction of our 2011-15 Business Plan we can fully concentrate on providing quality services of real value to our members – improving on existing services and developing new ones.

We at SALSC, through the services we have and continue to develop, do so with the simple aim of supporting our members’ to develop strong and sustainable clubs that can deliver opportunities for all members in their community to be physically active.

Sport in Scotland could not be possible without the massive contribution made by clubs and their volunteers. Through the services and its membership SALSC not only wants to strengthen the work of this group but also ensure the true value it contributes to the wellbeing of Scotland is reported to, recognised and acknowledged at the highest level.