"It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice."

Eric Lindros

SALSC have developed a nomination form for potential Life Members of the organisations.  The nomination form is available below, we welcome nominations at any time, all completed forms must be returned to ndo@salsc.org.uk.

Life Members Nomination Form

Full details are included in the Form, to summarise:

The SALSC Articles defines types of membership. Life Membership is but one of them. However, Life Membership is the most prestigious award available to the Association and as such the nomination and award should be given careful consideration.


Life Membership:


Life Membership is a special form of membership which may be bestowed upon any person whose services to SALSC is agreed to have been sufficiently meritorious having contributed to the organisation or for at least 15 years. Nominations for Life Membership, together with an appropriate support statement specifically detailing the nominee’s involvement within the organisation of SALSC, and contributions to it, must be submitted in writing to the SALSC Board of Directors at least six (6) weeks prior to the SALSC Annual General Meeting. A fully paid up member local sports council must make the nomination. 




The nomination must be made on the nomination form included with this guide. All relevant sections must be completed and no other form of nomination shall be acceptable. This nomination will form the basis of the citation to be awarded with the symbol of Life Membership as determined from time to time.


SALSC Process:


Nominations for this award should be sent to the SALSC National Development Officer. The Board of Directors shall consider the merit of the application against the criteria and make its recommendation, which in turn may recommend that the Annual Meeting endorse the nomination and award the Life Membership.