"An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head."

Emil Zatopek

International Opportunities

One of SALSC’s unique selling points is the association’s ability to provide international opportunities for our members, more often than not at very little cost to participants.

Co-ordinated by our International Director and supported by the Member Services Working Group, we are able to offer this through the excellent partnerships built up over several years with ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association) and its member ‘sport for all’ organisations across Europe.

The types of international opportunities available to SALSC members can be summarised into the following themes:


Sometimes the best way to understand a different way of reaching a similar goal is to witness it being performed first hand. Members of SALSC can access the ISCA network and establish international exchanges, often supported by European funding to ensure the costs of these exchanges to the organisations are kept to a minimum.


ISCA is very active in organising international training and workshop opportunities that bring together young people from different countries to share their experiences on different themes, share positive experiences and practices as well as discussing solutions to common problems. These events provide positive development opportunities for the skills of young people in both the subject matter of the workshop and experiencing different techniques for encouraging debate/discussion. In addition, many participants come back having formed fantastic new friendships and experience of different cultures. Again, through the support of European funding, most of the participant’s expenses are met through European funding.


The final theme is a conference style event organised by ISCA. Through SALSC, our members are informed and can participate in ISCA conferences. These can vary from widely themed events to very focused meetings held by ISCA and its various partners all across Europe. These events vary as to whether they receive European funding support but this will be made clear on a case by case basis when we advertise them to our membership.

And Also...

In addition to the opportunities above, in recent years ISCA has increased its political profile and is very politically active on a European level. This work complements the national work performed by organisations such as SALSC (e.g. the Vote for Sport campaign and ‘Scotland’s Sporting Chance; A Manifesto for Sport in Scotland’) to ensure there is a consistent message on grassroots sport and physical activity communicated from grassroots level all the way through to the European Parliament.

To find out more about ISCA please visit the Partners page on our website.