"The mark of great sportsmen is not how good they are at their best, but how good they are their worst."

Martina Navratilova

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors makes the fundamental policy decisions that underpin SALSC’s operations. The Board provides strategic leadership for the Association and sets the work plan for National Development Officer and working groups to ensures that SALSC is not only delivering a quality service to its members but is working with the right partners, securing appropriate funding and heading in the right direction for the years to come.

The Board meets quarterly and consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Finance Director and and six other directors, two of whom are Independent to the membership.

The Board is also serviced by SALSC’s National Development Officer and supported by a partnership manager from sportscotland, the national agency for sport in Scotland.

The key strategic objectives of the Board, outlined by SALSC’s Articles of Association are:

  • To be the voice for and maximise the potential of local sports councils and associate organisations; 
  • To promote (1) participation in sport, (2) physical recreation and education and (3) health and fitness at a local and national level;
  • To promote and create partnership opportunities with other national agencies with similar aims; and
  • To promote and develop links with other countries committed to the ideology of sport for all and develop international relationships and opportunities with like-minded organisations.

Board of Directors for 2017-18


Kenneth Ovens - ClubSport Berwickshire

Chair Role

Vice Chair

Rick Kenney - Club Sport Ettrick and Lauderdale

Vice Chair Role

Finance Director

James Dunion - Stewartry Sports Council

Finance Director Role


Doug Soutar - Nairn Area Sports Council

Events Director Role

Alan Still - Aberdeenshire Sports Council

Chair of Admin Sub-Group

Rick Kenney - Club Sport Ettrick and Lauderdale

Other Directors

Rona McCraw - East Fife Sports Council

Elaine Oliver - Perth and Kinross Sports Council

Youth Director(s) and Independent Director(s)

Catriona Morton

Jessica Barrows