"If you worried about falling off the bike, you�d never get on."

Lance Armstrong

2012 Local Elections

In 2011 SALSC worked as part of the Scottish Sports Alliance team to represent grassroots sport with one voice with the purpose of raising the importance and needs of sport with all of Scotland's major political parties.

Together, the Alliance produced 'A Manifesto for Sport in Scotland' followed up by the Vote for Sport campaign which successfully resulted in all 129 elected MSPs signing the pledge in support of sport - more on this campagn can be found on the 2011 National Elections page.

2012 sees the major political parties prepare for the local elections in Scotland and once again the Scottish Sports Alliance has been considering how best to ensure the voice of sport is heard.

The 2012 local Scottish elections presented a difficult task as campaigns focused on specific local issues instead of general national ones. This made finding a message that connected with all councillors standing for election from Orkney and Shetland to Glasgow and Edinburgh challenging.

The Alliance tackled this challenge by developed the 'Three Goals for Sport' leaflet providing information on how councillors can improve sport through three clear and achieveable targets. The Alliance used this leaflet during the election to help educate councillors but, equally as important, illustrate how we will work with them to make sure this isnt just rhetoric and these goals can be implemented to benefit grassroots sport in Scotland.

The challenge is ongoing but the objectives are clear and while they will not be achieved overnight, the Scottish Sports Alliance will lobby and work with councillors long after the elections to make sure they are achieved.