"An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head."

Emil Zatopek

2011 - 2015 Business Plan

All forward thinking businesses need to have a roadmap to plan for the future by inspiring the present. The SALSC 2011-15 Business Plan succeeds the 2008-11 Business Plan which primarily focused on sorting out the internal mechanisms and structure of SALSC. Now this process has taken place the Association is far better placed to deliver services to its members and what better time to do it with the London Olympics in 2012 and Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014?

Planning for the new Business Plan started in March 2011 at the National Seminar and has been through numerous consultations periods with both the membership and key partners involved in delivering and supporting sport to ensure the plan meets with the needs of our members and best utilises the skills of our partners.

The theme of the new plan is ‘Providing National Support for Local Sport’ promoting the overall policy of providing support for volunteers in sport operating at grassroots level. How can we better support volunteers, give them the skills they require in an ever changing face of sport, get more young people involved in the planning and delivery of sport – not just participation – and how can we better advertise and encourage volunteerin g opportunities in sport at both a national and local level. The new plan makes steps towards addressing all these points and more.

A full version of the plan can be found below and annual updates on our progress towards delivering the plan will be available on this page so keep checking back.