"It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice."

Eric Lindros


SALSC and Ogilvie Ross

SALSC and Ogilvie Ross

Friday 01 June 2018

SALSC are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Fife based consultants Ogilvie Ross.

From June 1st SALSC and Ogilvie Ross are offering a series of workshops specifically aimed at Sports Councils.  This dynamic series of workshops aims to support Sports Councils to develop their skills in communication, recruitment and management of volunteers.

Each workshop will be:

  • FREE for full member Sports Councils
  • 2.5 hours in length
  • Delivered within a Sports Councils community

These workshops are primarily aimed at the volunteers working within Sports Councils; whether it is the chair, treasurer, secretary or committee members, all are welcome to participate. 

Sports Councils can select one, two or three of the workshops offered within the series. 

To arrange for workshop(s) to be delivered with your Sports Council e-mail ndo@salsc.org.uk indicating which workshop or workshops you would like to have delivered; noting a selection of potential dates (evening and weekends are available) and an indication of potential attendance numbers. 

SALSC will work with Sports Councils and Ogilvie Ross to make final arrangements.  Sports Councils are asked to identify a suitable venue and will be responsible for the venue booking and provision of catering if required.

Please note:

  • SALSC may arrange regionally based workshops dependent on demand.
  • Attendance may be opened to the committee members of clubs who Sports Councils identify within their membership, thus ensuring sufficient numbers attend all workshops. 
  • Workshop delivery is free for full member sports councils and training materials are included. Dependent on the location, travel costs for Ogilvie Ross to attend may have to be negotiated in advance between SALSC and the Sports Council.


2018 Workshop Series

in partnership with SALSC and Ogilvie Ross


This workshop will show the participants how to create a communication strategy for their internal and external stakeholders and partners. Covering the process and tools required to develop, implement and review a communication strategy, it will demonstrate how to analyse stakeholders, communication channels, define goals & objectives and create clear concise messages.

  • Understand the necessity of a communication strategy
  • Know how to communicate your message clearly
  • Identify key messages
  • Understand and identify audience preferences
  • Identify correct messaging channels
  • Understand how to use the communication strategy for continuous improvement

Attracting and Selecting Volunteers

Volunteers have a unique contribution to make in an organisation and are a necessary part of sports organisations.  It is important to identify the role and purpose of volunteers as well as what will attract a volunteer to your organisation.

  • Understand and identify their need for volunteers
  • Identify your reasons and needs in involving volunteers
  • Create a plan for recruiting and selecting volunteers
  • Identify meaningful work for volunteers and develop volunteer role descriptions
  • Identify appropriate methods to attract volunteers
  • Develop a selection procedure

Managing and Motivating Volunteers

Discussion will include retention and management through building relationships, proper delegation and having a volunteer management plan.  Practical activities will make use of a planning tool to help give volunteers a voice, purpose and plan.

  • Understand the need to be pro-active in managing volunteers
  • Identify and apply key procedures for effective volunteer management
  • Understand the functions of support and supervision with balance of autonomy
  • Identify principles and methods for supporting and supervising volunteers
  • Understand what motivates volunteers