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SALSC and Bowls Scotland

SALSC and Bowls Scotland

Friday 01 June 2018

SALSC and Bowls Scotland are excited to announce a new partnership going in to the summer of 2018.

Working in partnership, both organisations have made a commitment to work together to promote the benefits of affiliating to sports councils within SALSC’s membership across Scotland.  This is following the recent research carried out by SALSC which evidenced that less than a quarter of bowling clubs are affiliated to their local sports councils.

The Find Your Local Sports Council page, which you can see here www.salsc.org.uk/page/FindLSC on SALSC’s website has been updated and all member sports council’s websites are hyperlinked for quick and easy access to information.  Please make sure your website information is up to date.

A link to SALSC’s website has been included on the Bowls Scotland website, which you will be able to see here www.bowlsscotland.com/clubs/club-support/further-support-for-clubs

Over the coming weeks there will be social media posts going out promoting sports councils to bowling clubs.  SALSC will tag your Sports Council in their posts where possible, please like and share these. 

Bowls Scotland are co-hosting sportscotland’s #sporthour on Monday 4th June from 9pm to 10pm where they will be mentioning our exciting new partnership amongst many other things, please get involved in this discussion if your sports council is on Twitter using the #sporthour hashtag.  sportscotland’s Twitter handle is @sportscotland and SALSC’s is @SALSC_Scotland.

SALSC and Bowls Scotland would be interested to hear from any Bowling Clubs who are affiliated to your sports council and have benefited from services you offer and if you could put them in touch with SALSC we would be delighted to feature them in social media posts as a positive case study.

SALSC will be coming back out to sports councils in a few months to research any increase in the number of bowling clubs affiliations, so please keep SALSC informed as this will support us evidence the impact our new partnership is having within a sports specific environment.