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MOVE Week 2014 Broke All Records

MOVE Week 2014 Broke All Records

Wednesday 15 October 2014

MOVE Week 2014 broke all records: over 4000 events in more than 1000 cities

After last year’s massive success with 1,259 events all over Europe in just one week the organisation behind Europe's biggest community sport and physical activity event, International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA), had high hopes for the 2014 edition. The ambitious goals were 2,000 events in 250 cities across 33 countries organised by 600 MOVE Agents.

After an initial estimate it was clear that these goals were thoroughly surpassed: While we are still waiting for the final count, the result to date is an impressive 4,256 events in more than 1,000 cities across 38 countries organised by 2,351 MOVE Agents and counting. A lot of events that actually took place are yet to be registered on the moveweek.eu website. The final count could see the number of events exceed 4,500 and the number of participants well over 1 million.

“It goes without saying but this has by far been the most successful MOVE Week in the history of the NowWeMOVE Campaign," ISCA Secretary General, Jacob Schouenborg, says. 

"We have shown that when dedicated people all pull in the same direction it actually is possible to get people in the millions moving. I want to thank the thousands of MOVE Agents and volunteers that took upon themselves to make the Europeans MOVE more. I would also give special thanks to the European Union for making this possible via the 1 million Euro grant and Coca-Cola Europe for the equally important financial support.” 
Europe will MOVE again in 2015
Because of the great success it is without question that the European MOVE Week will be back in 2015. Over the coming weeks and months further announcements will be made about how to get involved in Europe’s biggest community sport event.

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