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Welcome to the Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils Website

The Scottish Assocation of Local Sports Councils is a 'not-for-profit' Company Limited by Guarantee supporting member Local Sports Councils to deliver quality local sport and physical activity opportunities to their local communities.

With a membership of almost 40 Local Sports Councils from across Scotland, our members represent approximately 3,000 sports clubs.

SALSC works in partnership with key organisations such as sportscotland, Scottish Government, Sports Governing Bodiesvoluntary sector organisations, youth and volunteering organisations to develop and resource the needs of our members to achieve our aims.

SALSC has a strong reputation and foundation, having embedded good governance policies and procedures at its core.  Building on this success the 2015 - 2019 Development Plan will put SALSC at the core of developing and supporting grass roots sport in Scotland, fitting into the jigsaw of creating a World Class Sporting System and ensuring grassroots sport has a voice in the future plannning of sport.

From the research conducted and in consulation with our members and core funder, SALSC has identified two main outcomes for the new Development Plan:

* Increase club membership in Local Sports Councils

* Increase the number of young people (16 to 25 years) involved in Local Sports Council

Overall SALSC aims to:

* Strengthen the role of itself and its members in local, regional and national strategic sports development

* Highlight the role SALSC and LSCs play in the support of clubs and their volunteers

* Contribute towards increasing the levels of sporting enagagement in Scotland

By working together SALSC and Local Sports Councls will grow in relevance, develop a stronger voice and have a sustainable future within sport in Scotland.

A copy of the 2015 - 2019 Development Plan is available here: SALSC Development Plan 2015-19.pdf


SALSC Launches the National Guide to Local Sports Councils

The National Guide is the first document to pull together our members’ information into one easy to read, accessible format which informs, influences and educates those already involved in but also those who are not already aware of SALSC and Local Sports Councils.  

SALSC has a strong membership of 37 Local Sports Councils, our members spread from the Western Isles to the Scottish Borders and has a combined club representation of approximately 2,800.  Our aim is to increase awareness and support our members to continue to be strong sporting influences in their local communities.

SALSC aims to increase the number of clubs affiliating to Local Sports Councils over the next few years to ensure they continue to operate effectively within their communities, supporting clubs as best they can, whilst on a national level SALSC can bring together the voices of our members to the relevant national platforms to support with influencing and developing grass roots sport. 

An important step for SALSC going forward is to increase links and engage with Scottish Governing Bodies, Community Sports Hubs and other relevant agencies of sport working with clubs and in communities over the coming years.  The National Guide will provide a basis for discussions, highlighting where Sports Councils are and their benefits.

The key element to Local Sports Councils is that they can offer additional support and benefits to clubs; for example many give out grants, run events or competitions, hold Annual Sports Awards presentations, arrange workshops, offer facility discounts, have direct access to Sports Development Officers, actively engage with their Leisure Trust and/or Councillors, offer governance support plus many other benefits.  The National Guide pulls all of this information together into one reference document.

On behalf of the SALSC Board I sincerely hope you appreciate the significant planning which has gone into this National Guide and find it of relevance to you and your organisation.  Your support is appreciated and crucial to the impact of this working document, please do use the Guide and circulate it as you see fit.

A dowloadable pdf of the National Guide to Local Sports Councils is available here - SALSC National Guide 2016



Below is a short video produced by sportscotland (the national agency for sport in Scotland) called 'Scottish sport is...' to better illustrate what sport means to Scotland:


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